Bella Restaurant and Guest House **** accommodation Komárno

Restaurant & guest house

Restaurant (and apartment hotel) Bella is situated in Northern Slovakia, in Komárno, at Jokai street 9. The restaurant offers you the best dishes of the European cuisine, selected and prepared with love from high-quality ingredients from approved producers and suppliers of the region. In respect of the international character of Komárno, we can boast with a wide selection of classical dishes and specialties, as well, known not only from the Slovak, but also from the Hungarian cuisine. 

The menu offers:

  • delicate starters and soups,
  • dishes from fish, poultry and other meat dishes,
  • dishes with no meat (suitable for vegetarians),
  • specialties of the Bella Restaurant (that nowhere else can be find),
  • irresistible desserts and dishes for children,
  • delicious side dishes, fresh salads, dressings,
  • rich selection of first class drinks and wines.

Are you looking for the best restaurant in Komárno?

Do not hesitate and book a table at the Bella Restaurant. You will enjoy the pleasant moments with excellent dishes, comfortable interior of the restaurant, and the prompt, always smiling personnel.

The Bella Restaurant reacts to the rich historical monuments of Komárno and the beauty of its nature, as well. The exclusive building of the restaurant is situated in the hub of the town and is the masterpiece of architects


Oliver and Krisztián Csemy who connected history with the 21st century. Building the rooms of the restaurant in the former house of Schmidthauer was inspired by an interesting story from the past. (Lajos Schmidthauer was a musical composer and organist).

The interior of the restaurant comprises the life story of the famous writer, Jókai Mór, considered scandalous at that time (in the 19th century), and his love Bella, who was 54 years younger and later became his wife. On one of the walls of the restaurant the large-sized painting of Jókai Mór dominates, depicting him as an elegant gentleman of the 19th century. The life-size statue of his love Bella in a sitting position at the bar counter, is a remarkable anti-pole of the painting. Vibrations between the two masterpieces create an interesting atmosphere of the restaurant.


The town of Komárno is known by its remarkable geographical position, since it is situated at the junction of the two largest rivers of Slovakia, Dunaj and Váh. On the northern bank of Danube (Dunaj), Komárno has a “twin” town, Komárno in Hungary. These towns are separated, but at the same time connected by the Slovak-Hungarian border. One should hardly find such towns in Europe. Komárno is an attractive town that enchants its visitors with its rich history and historical sights.

Book a table at the Bella Restaurant, call +421 35 / 7713 028 and have an excellent time.

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